Health Coaching

  • Are you fed up with your weight?

  • Are you looking for personalised solutions?

  • Prefer 1-2-1 help?

  • Do you want to feel healthy both inside & out?

  • Struggling to resist cravings?

  • Lost weight but piled it back on once you finished the "diet?"

  • Are  you suffering from information overwhelm & don't know where to start?

  • Do you want to lose weight, have more energy & learn to embrace food?

  • FACT #1  6 in 10 adults in the UK are either obese or overweight

  • FACT #2 It is estimated that 95% of "diets" fail

  • FACT #3 The average person can only stick to a "diet" for 5 weeks

Change your eating habits TODAY with Zoë
  • Make healthy eating part of your long term lifestyle rather than short term, unrealistic “diet.”

  • Harness your inner Vitality

  • Real food for Real people with Real lives

What to expect

Timely sessions to get you there
keep you there

Indepth Initial Consultation followed by weekly 1:1 support & encouragement including email & mobile contact

Personalised plan calculated for your specific needs

Enticing, easy-to-follow recipes that are nutritionally fulfilling

Tips & advice to suit your particular life situation - whatever that may be

**Zoë's classes only -subject to availability

Who am I?

A former nurse with a degree in Health Studies and Health Promotion, I have developed my expertise with various qualifications in fitness instruction, Pilates and nutrition.  With years of family life experience I always coach with realistic, workable and individual solutions.

Recognised benefits of Healthy Eating

  • More energised

  • Stablise blood sugars 

  • Live longer

  • Lead by example - inspire your loved ones

  • Reduce risk of lifestyle related chronic disease like Diabetes and Heart disease

  • Improved sleep 

  • Stabilise hormones

Endorsed by
Dr Mark Crouse

I work in close collaboration with Dr Mark Crouse (
a GP and certified
Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and member of the
British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.


“Zoë is supportive & honest…..she truly understands food issues & the reasons why we eat the wrong stuff….she is helpful & encouraging when it’s a struggle.”

“Zoë has a wealth of nutritional knowledge to draw upon, making her the right person to help you on the path to success.”

“Zoë has been instrumental in my food, drink & lifestyle changes.

Previously I was consuming way too much & excessively snacking most evenings! Zoë helped me to identify the weakness in my lifestyle & together we worked out a plan that was achievable.”


“Zoë very much made me feel in charge of my progress.

Her tips, nutritional advice and support have been invaluable.”


“Over 12 weeks I have lost 22lbs so far!

I feel really proud of my achievement to date. I am much more confident , have more energy & I am totally in control of my food choices now.”

"Thinking back, I've spent literally thousands of pounds on well-known weight-loss clubs and I'm still struggling to keep my weight down. This is really good value."

This is not a "one size fits all" model.
This is a truly unique programme which is client driven.
Lifestyle change can be challenging & daunting.
Together we will co-create an individualised plan to enable you to become more independent, resilient & confident in making better lifestyle decisions.

If you are ready be totally invested in your health and your future, this is the course for you.

6 session programme:
ZFL Clients Offer : £400
(Usual Price £450)


Follow up programme:
"Making Headway"

For those who have completed their initial course and need a bit of extra help to keep on track.

Ongoing support:
Monthly 1/2 hr meeting
& email contact
for 6 months after Zestivation

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