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5 Reasons to try Box-tastic!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

5 reasons to try a Box-tastic Workout:

Boxing Cardio Fitness
Box-Tastic in Devoran Village Hall

>FANTASTIC WAY TO STAY IN SHAPE! Box-tastic burns an insane amount of calories anywhere between 350-600 an hour, roughly the same as running. However box-tastic gives you a more even workout by toning both upper & lower body.

>EPIC STRESS RELIEF! “Boxing is Primal! It unleashes that raw energy inside us that we keep locked up in our everyday lives…you don’t have to be a fighter, just have a little fight in you!” Shane Collins -Trainer. >REV UP YOUR COORDINATION - it’s great for your reflexes, balance, coordination & endurance.

>SUITS EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF AGE OR CONDITION. You can work within your own limits -build up gradually or take it to the MAX!

>IT’S MIND-BLOWING FUN! With mighty motivation & pumped up tracks you’ll be joining the ranks of famous stars also hooked to similar energising workouts (Ellie Goulding, Gigi Hadid, Amy Schumer…) …and you won’t get hurt either coz our version is non-contact.

….And finally….

Why now?

>Why not?!

Give yourself that extra BOOSH to keep you on track.

Monday 9.15-10.15am

Devoran Village Hall

Look forward to seeing you!

Zoë at Zestforlifefitness


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