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Zestforlifefitness Zoe Crouse Pilates near me Group Fitness Cornwall
Hi, I'm Zoë Crouse, an independent
Fitness & Pilates Group Instructor.
I run group fitness classes in Devoran & Perranwell in Cornwall.
Classes specialise in
Over 40's Functional Fitness that are inclusive, varied, modifiable and yet challenging. 

Do you want to to take up exercise but confused or concerned about all the options?
Take a look at my full range of classes that safely tick all the boxes for you.​

Back Care
Strength & Flexibility
Cardiovascular Fitness
Motivation, Friendship & Fun!
Timetable 2023
Zestforlifefitness Pilates Pilates Cornwall Pilates near me
zestforlifefitness | Pilates Cornwall | Pilates near me | Group Fitness | Step | Truro | Devoran
New Block:
September 4th - October 13th.
Taking Bookings NOW!
Block discounts available

Free Class 
for all
new members!

"Inspiring you to create positive lifestyle changes to achieve your optimal health & well-being through evidence based 
Health, Fitness & Wellbeing 

Education & Experience."
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