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1:1 Pilates

One to one Pilates focuses on your individual requirements and following  a specific programme created for your needs.
Zoë is L3 Diploma Pilates Instructor and offers 1:1 Pilates programmes specifically devised for your individual needs & goals.
Each programme will consist of an initial personal and health consultation followed by a comprehensive Posture Analysis.You will have a tailer-made progressive plan created for you accommodating your unique requirements formulated to develop your strength, flexibility and confidence.
Programmes range from 6 or 10 weeks in length however can be longer if required. Zoë can work alongside your GP, physiotherapist or osteopath if required.
Zoë Crouse Zestforlifefitness Pilates Class Studio Cornwall
Pilates near me Cornwall
Pilates is recognised as being beneficial for :
  • chronic back & neck pain
  • posture improvement
  • core & muscular strength
  • skeletal alignment
  • mental focus
  • flexibility
  • stress reduction
  • surgery or injury recovery
  • overall body awareness
Following your 1:1 programme we recommended that you continue your Pilates practice in order to maintain your strength and flexibility.
Payable in advance.
See Terms & Conditions. 
If you are undergoing any medical treatment you may require a referral
from your GP or physiotherapist.

£45 per session
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