Frequently Asked Questions


"Do I need to bring my own mat?"



"Can I just turn up?

No. To maintain government  guidelines, you must book in advance so we can ensure safe numbers.


"Do I need to book ahead?"



"Can we exercise indoors now?"

Yes. In managed  groups with sensible spacing determined by the size of the venue & maintaining recommended social distancing.


"Can I come if I have a bad back?"



Pilates is especially beneficial for people with chronic back pain. The exercises strengthen the core which support your back as well as promoting good alignment with gentle stretches to loosen any tightness.


If you are currently under the GP or Physio, check if they recommend Pilates first.

Usually the answer is yes!


"Do I need to be flexible to do the moves?"



Lack of flexibility & poor posture is responsible for many ailments that can affect your health. Initially most people notice limited range of movement but each week your flexibility will improve & you'll find you get more adept your exercises.


"What shall I wear?"


You will need to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing. Trainers are not necessary for Pilates, most people go bare-foot, others use padded socks. It's your preference.


You will need to wear supportive trainers for more active fitness classes.


"What if I've recently had surgery or I am recovering from an injury?"


You will need to check with your GP or Physio that it is safe for you to return to exercising & then complete our Health Questionnaire.

You may feel 1:1 attention is more suitable for you while you gain confidence.


"What time shall I arrive?"

Before your first session, please arrive 10 mins so you can ask any questions. Ensure you have completed your health questionnaire in advance. We request you comply with social distancing guidelines before & after class.


"What if I can't do Pilates or I've never been before?"


Everybody is new to something at some point! Most classes has beginners & regulars. Your instructor will direct you through your moves with lots of teaching points, demonstrations & modifications for you, so you feel in control and at ease.


"How energetic are the classes?"

Pilates is low impact, mid intensity, core strengthening

 exercise designed to increase flexibility, promote alignment and is especially beneficial for preventing back pain with it's origins rooted in rehabilitation and healing. 

(Levels are specified in the timetable.)

-Dancefit & Step are energetic 

cardiovascular & muscular strengthening workouts,  can easily be adapted to suit your ability.

-Functional Strength is slower paced with focused,  low impact & top to toe strengthening.


"Are all classes mixed?"

All classes are mixed unless specified.​


"Do I need anything else?"

It is advisable to bring your own water to drink.

Extra stuff people like to bring:

-an extra layer for cooling down

- a headrest 

-a small towel