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Top Tips to help improve your sleep

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Everyone suffers from insomnia at some stage in their lives and we all know how frustrating it can be. It can be particularly problematic at this time of year with lots of to-do lists, loads of things to remember and all we crave is a decent night’s sleep.


We know sleep is a great healer both mentally & physically. The most current research suggests that good quality sleep may play a role in preventing diabetes, obesity & Alzheimers amongst other conditions.
Joseph Pilates was a great believer in seeking mental calm through exercise for longer, deeper sleep leading to a more focused, productive day ahead. Pilates helps to “centre” you, calm your mind, lengthen your muscles & improve circulation.


A restorative Pilates session after a hectic day can help you relieve anxiety & reduce stress.
Regular evening sessions prepare your body & mind to wind down and help to train you to accept rest afterwards. By incorporating Pilates moves into your evening routine you can allow yourself a few undisturbed moments to let go of those busy thoughts and focus on your mind & body connection.
Additionally if you’ve been sedentary all day & your muscles feel tight, Pilates will stretch & lengthen the muscles and loosen up the joints allowing greater comfort in bed. Stretching in the evening also reduces your risk of injury, reduces pain & stiffness and allows the muscles to recover & perform better.


No matter when you decide to do your Pilates workout, don’t make it a dilemma or a chore that takes away from the pleasure. There’s really no “right” time and, because fitness is such a positive element in your life, you will reap the advantages of each workout whether morning, noon, or evening. The most important thing is to be consistent - stick with your workouts to get the most out of them!
Zoë Crouse



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