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3 reasons Pilates Rings are an asset to your Pilates Class.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Unlike many exercise programmes, Pilates incorporates numerous types of small equipment to the class format, bringing variety to your routine which help improve your results, posture & body awareness.


So what is a Pilates Ring or Magic Circle?

Pilates Cornwall Zoë Crouse zestforlifefitness Pilates Cornwall Devoran Perranwell Station
Side Lying Adductor Exercises using the Pilates Ring

A Pilates Ring is a resistance tool which adds extra strength training to the upper body, core, thighs & gluts.
It is particularly helpful to increase range of movement in difficult to target muscle groups like the adductors - or inner thighs.

1. ADDS STRENGTH> The Pilates Ring is tough but flexible allowing you to squeeze & flex your thigh, shoulder & core muscles, building strength & power. Increased repetitions of these moves with tone your core - also trimming down that waistline. The beauty of Pilates strengthening is, it is safe & gentle, perfect when returning from injury or surgery. The increasing muscle strength is gradual & refined.


2. BREAK FROM THE ORDINARY> What keeps people returning to our classes, is they are never monotonous. The addition of changeable equipment not only keeps you on your toes & engaged in the exercise, we also challenge parts of the body other programmes don't reach!


3. EASY TO PICK UP> Unlike some complicated moves you may find, Pilates basic principles remain the same. So once you've mastered honing the muscles you are using, the Ring helps to emphasise that practice bringing about enhanced balance, control, stability & flexibility. The Pilates Ring really helps you focus on your posture, balance and centring, targeting any malalignment that may be occurring. It is specifically useful to assist you to "read" your body's signals.


We are introducing Pilates Rings across our Pilates Timetable from September 2019.

Contact us to book your place in the upcoming term.




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