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A Beginners Guide to Starting Pilates.

Maybe you’ve been told by your physio or GP to try Pilates.
Maybe you’ve been reading all about it for some time but your feet are stuck in concrete and you don’t know where to start?
Does that sound familiar? It does to me!

I hear this from my new participants almost every week - and I get it!

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Doing something completely out of your comfort zone can be crippling.

Even more so if you’ve never encountered an exercise class before or simply been inactive for a long time.

Remember, everyone is a beginner at some point yet taking the first step can be the hardest part. Often your fears can get so in the way that you just can’t budge!

Being in an encouraging environment with other people like you can be so reassuring.

You can share your feelings & experiences without fear of judgement.

Some people prefer the class environment because they feel less pressured to “get it right.” They can blend into the background, watch other people doing the moves and notice that no-one gets it right all of the time and that is perfectly normal.

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As your group Pilates instructor, my role is to ensure you feel comfortable, offer adaptations for those who are at different levels, make my instructions clear and relatable, but most importantly to support you to develop regular practice so you can reap the rewards from the minute you start.

As you get more accomplished, you’ll notice that your “form” improves & you can feel confident enough to try the more strenuous moves- hey presto, you’re getting better and “doing” Pilates!


Let’s bust some myths!

I hear these all the time…

  • I need to be strong - a funny one this one!

If you haven’t done Pilates before, you might not be strong, but after while you’ll soon start to notice an improvement.

  • I need good balance.

Balance deteriorates as we get older or if we’re out of practice. It does get better with consistency. Always a good excuse for a giggle too!

  • I need to be flexible.

The same as before, it gets better as we do more…

  • I need to be fit.

As before…do you see where I’m coming form here…

  • I won’t understand what to do.

In my classes I often do the moves with you, so I can describe in lay-man’s terms how it should feel.

  • Everyone else will be really good.

Completely UNTRUE! Your class will include beginners like you, returners, seasoned practicers & “fair-weather” exercisers.

  • I have a bad back.

Pilates is widely recognised as the “go-to” discipline for relieving chronic back pain. Pilates exercises strengthen the core which support your back and promote better alignment together with gentle stretches to release any tightness.

  • I have an underlying health problem such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

A qualified Pilates Instructor is trained to offer suitable modifications for people who have different health conditions. You’ll find a in my classes everyone will be choosing different options for their individual bodies.


So now you feel a little less worried, what can you expect from a class?

Each class will begin will a short introduction & warm up, followed by a standing section to improve balance. Then we move to the mat and work through a sequence of exercises & stretches.

We finish with a series of slower paced cooldown moves & stretches.

To ensure you continue to grow & develop your love of Pilates, I regularly incorporate small equipment like mini balls, rings, poles & light weights. ⤵

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What do you need to wear?

  • Just wear something you that you can move in easily & I can see how your body is moving. Some people like to bring non-slip socks if they get cold feet and an extra layer if they get chilly.

What do you need to bring?

  • You will need your own mat and one that is soft enough if you’re on the boney side! Others like to bring a head rest for extra comfort & also some hydration.

What else do I need to do?

  • You will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire before you start so I can deliver appropriate modifications for each individual and then pick the most suitable time that you can commit to & BOOK!


What benefits can you expect to notice?

  • Feeling more free, flexible & strong

  • Experience less back pain

  • Feeling empowered for taking control of your health

  • Improved core strength & pelvic floor control

  • Better balance

  • Improved posture & body awareness that allows you to focus on minor adjustments

  • Less anxiety & low mood

  • Better sleep, immunity, cognition, memory, bone & metabolic health…I could go on..!

How long will it take?

Some people start to feel the benefits immediately but its a very individual thing, for others it can take a little longer.

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates

Attending a single session or group class will give you an idea of what Pilates is all about, but to see real change, commit to a block of lessons.

I am frequently asked which is the best type of exercise for someone. That’s almost impossible to answer as each discipline has its merits and some are better suited to different people.

For me, Pilates is the “icing on the cake” of all fitness genres.

It suits & benefits a huge spectrum of people and especially beginners, postnatal mums, rehabilitating clients & seniors.

Above all it’s safe, achievable, low impact and multifaceted.

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