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Poles in Pilates Practice

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

🧹The Pilates Maple Pole is suitable for aiding alignment, arm work and increasing the focus on scapular stabilization during your class exercises.✔️

🧹It aids balance when performing standing work but also activates deep torso muscles building on your standard Pilates core work.✔️

🧹By incorporating Pole exercises into our Chair classes we help to reduce the incidence of accidental falls leading to improved balance & mobility confidence. ✔️

Zoë's Pilates classes this week include Maple Poles. Come along & give it a go. Plenty of class times to choose from.

We continually change the class format with the inclusion of equipment & varying themes, to ensure you gain optimum value from your practice, develop your strength & control & are never bored.

Boxtastic Pilates Chair Pilates Poles
Boxtastic Pilates & Chair Pilates


ncredible how such a humble piece of equipment can be so versatile & adaptable. We used our Maple Poles in Boxtastic through to Pilates and then Chair Pilates. #masteringtheart



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