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The Benefits of Foam Rollers in Pilates.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Foam Roller Pilates
📣This week Zoë is using Foam Rollers in her Pilates classes.

➡️We use soft density foam rollers, which are gentler on the tissues while offering deep massage.
Rollers have many uses in your workout but are primarily beneficial for self massage, strength & stability.

➡️Self massage is a great way to relieve tension all over the body. Rolling out sore areas helps to break up myofascia, the connective tissue around muscles providing opportunity for greater flexibility and speeding up workout recovery.

➡️In the context of Pilates, we also use Foam Rollers to challenge your stability & perfect your “centering.”

Balancing on a roller is no mean feat but helps you hone your focus & concentration, bringing about greater body alignment awareness and mental grounding.

➡️Foam rolling has also been shown to offer pain relief, possibly by disrupting nerve pain signals, improving hydration of muscles & increasing blood flow - all contributing to speedier recovery and improved range of movement.

Dogs don't help with balance!!!

🤹🏻‍♀️….But be prepared for a few wobbles & giggles along the way!!


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