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Everything you need to know about Step.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

With the fitness world flooded with a myriad of trendy possibilities, Step classes have remained a firm favourite of their fans and are now enjoying a well deserved resurgence in popularity.

Step Aerobics

-Step was developed by Gin Miller who used it strengthen her muscles following a knee injury and remains popular today with those returning from injury or just wanting to keep fit without compromising their joints.


-Classified as a mid-impact workout, it's not intimidating or complicated but delivers exceptional heart & lung conditioning together with increasing bone density and muscle strengthening.


-You burn some serious calories, boost your metabolism & develop essential quad (leg) strength & agility.


-Step classes are also highly versatile. Incorporated into your workout we add resistance bands, weights, floor work, leg, arm & abdominal conditioning.

Come and give it go - you'll be glad you did!

Step with Zoë
Devoran Village Hall
Fridays 9-10am

(Check for availability - once they're gone, they're gone!)

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