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How men can also reduce back pain, shoulder stiffness & improve their flexibility with Pilates.

Updated: May 1, 2023

Pilates has long been associated with lithe slender women, creating an intimidating impression of what a Pilates class can be.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! These days, Pilates classes are filled with a huge range of people from sedentary working men & women to athletes, golfers, cricketers, cyclists, gardeners, rowers & a multitude of retired folk of all ages extolling the virtues of Pilates

Men's Pilates Group Cornwall Zestforlifefitness  Pilates for men

So what is Pilates exactly?

Often men think of Pilates as rehabilitation form injury yet more & more people are turning to Pilates as prehab method of training. In other words, creating and maintaining core strength helps to prevent injury & keep the body in it’s optimal position.

How can men benefit?

We often hear Pilates being recommended as the go-to exercise for helping reduce back pain.

Absolutely! This is achieved by focusing on correcting alignment, developing deep core strength, recognising, recruiting and lengthening the muscles which allow the body to retain it’s ideal posture. Combined with increasing flexibility and building on the range of movement in all areas of the body you can achieve so much more too.

Interestingly, we may be less likely to hear about the merits of enhanced self-awareness and calm control. Pilates steadily cultures overall muscle & ligament tolerance helping to manifest more secure balance and coordination.

All of which contribute towards helping us function more efficiently and in turn alleviate those annoying niggles.

Men do Pilates Pilates for men
England Football Team

Let’s go back to the beginning.

The discipline itself was created by Joseph Pilates (a man!) in the 1920’s as an exercise regime to recuperate soldiers back to health. He went on to hone his craft in New York, earning worldwide accolade for his efforts.

It speaks volumes that it is still widely respected in both medical & fitness fields as the definitive exercise programme suitable for almost every individual and continues to grow in popularity today.

Men's Pilates  Devoran Pilates for Men Zestforlifefitness in Devoran
Men's Pilates

What can you expect in a Men’s Mat Pilates class?

Each class will include standing & mat-based exercises utilising body weight and a selection of small equipment to challenge and develop your core strength & stamina. You will be encouraged to recognise tighter areas of the body that can lead to poor posture. Stretches will build your flexibility where its needed to allow greater ease of movement and exercises will improve your resilience to everyday strain on the body.

Men are often surprised how inflexible they are when they start a class yet over time they notice how much better they feel and soon come to realise how essential it is to fit in regular practice.

As we age, we feel less flexible because muscles tighten & shorten and joints lose their bounce. People often say to me that they feel “compressed.”

Practicing Pilates, even if it’s just once a week can make a real difference to how you feel and perform your daily activities.

In a focused male Pilates class, we concentrate on particular areas men struggle with, such as tight shoulders, hamstrings and hips in a light-hearted, relaxed atmosphere.

Why not try a session, you won’t look back!

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