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A Note on Intensity...

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

One of the most frequent comments I get is regarding class intensity - especially in Pilates.
Delivering group classes to many different people can be as rewarding as it is challenging.

A Beginners’ Class will incorporate predominantly basic level exercises & stretches and the instructor will offer 2 or even 3 levels of intensity (easy / medium / hard - with or without equipment ) which the individual can choose depending on how their body is feeling on that given day.
It is important for you to “listen” to how you are feeling in that moment, respect your limitations & exercise responsibly.
Someone may be returning from a holiday, an illness, surgery or be completely new to fitness and will need to work at the lower level and perform fewer repetitions until they feel accomplished enough to build up to more.
When you've attended regular, consecutive sessions you will become more accustomed to the teaching points and can develop your core strength by choosing to do more repetitions and the harder options as you progress.

On the flip side, regular attendees to an Intermediate Class which generally includes more challenging exercises, may sometimes be glad of being offered easier options if they’ve pulled a muscle in the garden or simply had a rough day!

In an ideal world every beginner starts at the exactly the same point
- progresses their strength at exactly the same time
& all move on together to the next available Intermediate Class.


.....In the real world people start & attend at different times,
carry old injuries, have differing occupations,
pastimes, genetics, health concerns
or can’t attend
the Intermediate Class because they’re not free on that day!


Hence the beauty of delivering Group Fitness & Pilates classes
- something for everyone
- wherever - whenever.

So the take home message is:
"Challenge your current fitness levels, aim to improve steadily,
but respect your limitations and do what your body tells you."


Those who would rather have individual attention with a series of sessions specifically designed to suit your unique needs can contact Zoë to arrange 1:1 sessions.

Lastly, if your health changes in any way, it is your responsibility to ensure you inform your instructor immediately as your PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) will become invalid.
Zoë Crouse


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