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6 reasons to add weights to your Pilates exercises

1. STRENGTH: The primary benefit to adding weights to Pilates exercises is to add tone and strength to all muscle groups particularly core muscles including back, stomach, shoulders & chest.

The great thing about Pilates with weights is you create strength without bulk.


All our exercises can be adapted to suit your individual needs - using smaller weights if necessary.

We use either small dumbells or weighted balls around 1-2 kg in order to ensure correct alignment. Smaller weights in Pilates allow you to control & stabilise your joints’ range of movement.

Hundred with weights

3. STABILITY: Many of the exercises allow you to explore your individual range of movement & learn how to recognise your own stabilisers. Whilst exercising within the parameters of Pilates Instruction you learn to listen to your own body’s feedback mechanisms & build on it safely.


Adding weights to Pilates heightens your focus of your body positioning making you really concentrate on the precision of each move.


Adding extra challenge will help you exert more energy therefore burn more calories.

6. KEEPING IT FRESH: As with all our Pilates classes we aim to continually add new variations to traditional exercises by offering a full range of small equipment to keep you on your toes.

Pilates aims to create long, lean balanced muscles which build overall functional fitness.

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